Book Review: The Boy Recession

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Time for another review. Don’t worry though, tomorrow’s post won’t be another review. I’m thinking that it’s time to do another post on up-coming releases, so that’s what’s on the agenda.



Book: The Boy Recession

Author: Flynn Meaney

Genre: YA fiction

Series: No

My Rating: 1 out of 5 stars



The Boy Recession takes place in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, where the local high school is going through what the girl’s have termed, a “boy recession.” The school, small as it originally was, has lost about 90% of their popular/jock guys. The reason behind this are major budget cuts, that resulted in a pay-cut and a resulting transfer for their football coach as well as cancelling band. The boy, deciding that they would be better off (scholarship-wise) decided to follow the coach or transfer to prep school. This left the high school girls with only the misfit/reject guys that they wouldn’t give the time of day to before.

These remaining guys are now being seriously pursued by the girls. One of these guys is Hunter, Farenbach. He’s a wicked smart, as well as an awesome guitar-player. drummer, singer, and song-writer. Only problem is that he’s a total slacker and seems to have to real passion or desire to do anything with his life. Now, because of the “boy recession” he’s being sought after by girls who are starting to notice his good looks, as well as by the desperate coaches.

The other perspective this book takes the perspective of (other than Hunter) is Kelly Robbins, a junior like Hunter. She’s a really down-to-earth gal, who tends to blend into the background. She’s been friends with Hunter since the third grade (more like acquaintances but whatever). Because she starts teaching third graders how to play instruments with Hunter as volunteer work, she’s spending more and more time with him, and starting to see just how great a guy he is (someone’s got a crush). Only problem is that Hunter is starting to be noticed and pursued by the popular girls and Kelly doesn’t think she stands a chance.

So I’ll leave you there when it comes to the plot line. I don’t want to ruin it for those of you who will read it for yourself. Time to give my honest opinion of the book, and honestly, I really didn’t like it. I so wanted to like it. The premise was interesting, and I thought it would be a light and funny read. Something I desperately needed because of all the stress I’ve been under lately (darn you projects and papers!!!). But no, that most definitely did not happen.

I just couldn’t get past the authors horrible interpretation of high school and the horrible stereotyping that made up this book. The author is young! she should remember what teenagers are like. This took everything to the extreme. Every character was the stereotypical slacker, or slutty popular girl, or pervy guy. It had no originality whatsoever, and was downright insulting at times in regards to how high schoolers think and act. I know there are (maybe) some redeeming qualities to the book, but at the moment, I seriously can’t think of one. So my final thought on the book is ugh, just ugh.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book though. Comment below and tell me what you thought of the book.



Photo Credit –> Boy Recession cover


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