Book Review: Lola and the Boy Next Door

Hey Fellow Book-Lovers,

So tonight I’m going to be doing another review (shocking, I know). I’m a little late to jump on the bandwagon for reading this book, but this is actually the first I’ve heard of it. I saw the title on another blogger’s post, saying that this was one of their favorite books, so I thought “What the heck” and decided to give it a try.


Book: Lola and the Boy Next Door

Author: Stephanie Perkins

Genre: YA fiction, contemporary romance

Series: Not necessarily, although characters from Anna and the French Kiss are mentioned in this one (this takes place after A&TFK)

My Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars



Lola is a seventeen year old high school girl who has a crazy style and dreams of being a designer. And not just any designer, but a costume one – the more sparkly, fun, and wild, the better. She tries to never wear the same outfit twice. She’s living the good life, with her perfect, and not to mention hot, rocker boyfriend, cool parents, and great friends. That is until her old next door neighbors, the Bell twins, Calliope and Cricket, move back in.

Calliope is an Olympic figure skater and Cricket is a seriously gifted inventor (much like his ancestor Alexander Graham Bell – the inventor of the telephone). They had moved away a couple of years ago to pursue Calliope’s dreams and goals in regards to figure skating. Of course this move occurred right after Lola and Cricket got into a fight (caused by the witchy Calliope) that left Lola heartbroken.

Now that Cricket’s back in town though, he seems to want to start over with Lola (even if it’s just as friends). This causes problems to crop up in Lola’s relationship with her 22-year-old rocker boyfriend, Max, as Lola comes to terms with and decides what to do about, her lifelong feelings for Cricket.

Cute, right? That’s what I thought. That’s about all I thought in regards to the book. It’s a light read, that leaves you feeling all nice and fuzzy inside (kinda how cotton candy does). I’ve actually read quite a number of reviews of this book by other bloggers, and they have nothing but praise for it. Honestly, yes, this is a good book, and yes, I did like it, but I don’t think it deserves that much over-the-top praise. Maybe it’s just me (it probably is).

I will however, give props for Cricket. He is, hands down, my favorite character of the book. He’s just so awkward and shy and just freakin’ adorable. I love that one of the love interests (and the one to win out in the end) is a nerdy and gangly guy and not some stud muffin that’s all muscle or some bad boy. Instead, it’s the endearing boy next door; the nice guy.

So if you want to read this book, I personally would recommend getting it at the bookstore. And I would recommend reading it. Once you do (of if you already have read it) tell me your thoughts. Did you like Cricket? Do you think the book deserves more praise then I’m giving it? I’d love to hear your answers.


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4 responses to “Book Review: Lola and the Boy Next Door

  • Danya

    Have you read Anna & the French Kiss? I preferred that one, as I found Anna a lot more relatable/likeable than Lola. Aspects of Lola’s character kinda got on my nerves, lol. But I know there are plenty of readers who enjoyed this book equally or even more so than A&tFK!

    • ariannacatmull

      No, I haven’t read Anna and the French Kiss yet. I’m a little wary of it, because I didn’t like Lola all that much, and had a hard time relating to her. Since you recommend it though, I just might try it out.

  • Angie F.

    I’m glad you liked it, even if you didn’t love it. I never reviewed this one, despite it being a favorite. But part of why I loved it so much was because Lola reminds me of myself as a teen, so I was easily able to put myself in her shoes.

    I may need to reread this one day, so that I can review it. 🙂

    • ariannacatmull

      I know what you mean. Almost all of my favorite books are my favorites because the main chick reminds me of myself or of someone I want to be.
      I’d love to read your review of it and hear more of your thoughts on what makes it one of your favorite books.

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