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I know I mentioned in my last post that this time around would be another book review, but I haven’t finished reading Cinder yet. It’s not that it’s bad (it’s not), it’s just that lots of other things have come up so I haven’t had as much time for reading as I would like (insert crying me here).  So instead of that I thought discussing one of my other book loves: comic books (or graphic novels as I prefer to read).

comics_logos1(And let us not forget Vertigo).

You see, my dad loves comic books, and between every two weeks and once a month, he would take my brother and I with him when he went to the comic book store to update his collection. For being patient and (somewhat) well-behaved when he was looking, he would buy us any comic book we wanted (within reason). This got me hooked on comics such as Michael Turner’s Fathom , Witchblade, and some others besides the classics of the Marvel and DC universes of course, as well as lesser known comics (because I was a kid and liked the cool cover).

Nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to find comic books, especially if you want back issues or don’t know what you want and just want to browse. The last comic book store in town that I know of closed a while back, and so now, I have to rely on the internet or bigger named bookstores to get my fix.  I mean, no offense to the internet, but I love going into a store and being able to see everything they have to offer. I want to be able to pick it up, and see it for myself. Maybe even read a few pages to see if I’m interested. The internet just doesn’t offer that. I might be able to get away with that in bigger name bookstore, but they just don’t offer as wide a variety of comic books or graphic novels that a comic book store would.

This seriously bums me out, because comic books were a big part of my childhood. I mean, I know the back story (and the different dimension spin-off tales) of almost every major superhero from the comics. It’s something I shared with my dad and my brother, and it’s something that draws people together (just look at Comic-Con of you don’t believe me). I don’t want comic books or the experiences you can gain from comic books to disappear.

Comment and share some of your opinions on or memories of comic books I’d love to hear from you.



Photo Credit –> Big name comic book publishers


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