Book Review: Cinder

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Yay! I finally finished the book! It only took me a week (or two) to do it, but it’s done, and now I can move onto Scarlet. Sorry for all the delays in providing this review, but stuff happens, like books we think are gonna be awesome but aren’t (see Touched book review for more details). Finally, before we commence with the review, I just wanted to let you know that the next post (tomorrow’s) will be another book review. This one will be on Freak of Nature by Julia Crane.



Book: Cinder

Author: Marissa Meyer

Genre: YA fiction

Series: Yes, first in the Lunar Chronicles

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


Cinder is a retelling of the classic fairytale Cinderella, as you may already know or have guessed. It just has a different take on it. For one, it takes place in the future. For another, there are mutated humans (Lunars) with some serious power of manipulation, cyborgs, and androids. Plus, the earth has been swept by a plague that no one has been able to find a cure for in over a decade. So yeah, it’s not your classic fairytale anymore.

The book is told from the perspective of Cinder, our sixteen year old cyborg protagonist. She’s a mechanic in the city of New Beijing, in the Eastern Commonwealth.Because she is a cyborg, she is looked down upon as a second-class citizen and demeaned by her “stepmother,” forced to bring in the majority of the income, but allowed none of it herself. In and about the community, she is looked down upon and avoided at all costs; treated as less than human. The only one to treat her with love and respect is her younger stepsister, Peony.

Not everything is negative when it comes to being a cyborg though. It has given her the ability to know when someone is lieing, to see though illusions, and to understand and be able to fix almost everything mechanic. It’s because of that last advantage that Cinder is considered to be the best mechanic in New Beijing and approached by the prince of the Eastern Commonwealth, Kai, to fix his personal android.

While working on the android, Cinder becomes friends with Prince Kai and a budding romance is started. Also when working on the android, Cinder comes across information that affects the world as she knows it and can, if withheld, lead to the overtaking of the planet by Lunars. Sharing this information though, will expose her, and could cost Cinder her life. What’s a girl to do?

Okay. Enough description. You want to learn more about the book, read it yourself. In all actuality though, I do recommend you reading it. While the book had its flaws, it was interesting and original, and an overall good read. Ms. Meyer has a way of describing some scenes that you could picture it clearly in your mind, causing you to get lost in this future world that she has created.

Other positives of the book include Cinder, the budding romance, and the setting. Cinder is a kick-butt character. That has sarcastic retorts that had me laughing out loud. Plus, she’s not your typical weak female lead (this is supposed to be Cinderella after all), who goes down without a fight. As for the romance between Cinder and Kai, it wasn’t over-the-top. In fact, it seemed to take a back seat to other elements of the book, which I loved. The romance isn’t immediate or all-consuming. It builds up gradually, like a real-world one would do (for the most part). Finally, the setting, as I mentioned above, was original and detailed enough that you could picture.

Negatives of the book are Cinders occasional freakouts, that either needed to disappear, or be better drawn out. They seemed to be too easily dismissed by her for all the fuss she initially makes. Also, the romance between Cinder and Prince seems to be slow going, and then takes off at hyper-drive to just suddenly stop; a bit confusing if you ask me. But that’s really the only problems I had with it.

Read Cinder for yourself and tell me what you think.



Photo Credit –> Cinder cover


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