Book Review: Touched

Hey Fellow Book-Lovers,

As I mentioned in my last post, I will be reviewing another book this time around. This is probably true for the next one as well (even if I should spend less time reading and more time studying). So without further ado…



Book: Touched

Author: Corrine Jackson

Genre: YA fiction

Series: Yes, this is book one in the Senses Thieves series

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars



When I first read the description for Touched on Goodreads, I was seriously excited about the upcoming (okay so it was a few months out) release of this book, so when I saw this book in the bookstore the other day I immediately made it mine and started to read it as soon as I got home even though I was almost done reading Cinder by Melissa Meyer. Sad to say, I was disappointed.

Alright. So Touched is told from the perspective of Remy O’Malley, a seventeen year old who has the ability (or curse) of being able to heal others. This gift comes with a price though, as any injury she heals becomes her own, and she isn’t always able to stop herself from healing people, even if it might mean her death.

The book starts off with Remy being seriously abused by her step-daddy, a serious nutso named Dean. This beating lands her in the hospital as well as a surprise visit from her bio-dad, whom she hasn’t seen in years. Upon learning about the abuse she goes through on a regular basis with no interference by Remy’s mom, Ben (Remy’s bio-dad) has her move in with him and his family in Maine.

It’s there that she finally starts to find a home and a safe place (or so she thinks). This is also where she meets Asher Blackwell, who seems to know more about her abilities than she does. And it’s with his help that she learns more about her abilities and what it means to be a Healer. He also helps confronts an old enemy that is out to kill her and all she cares for.

That description has you intrigued right? I know it had me interested, a I mentioned before. You’re probably wondering then, why I’m giving this book such a low rating. The premise and concept of the book is what kept me reading until the end and why the rating isn’t lower. What had me giving the book a rating of 2.5 stars out of 5 was the relationship between Remy and Asher as well as some other minor details.

The relationship and those minor details I said are the cause all resemble that of Edward and Bella from Twilight. The resemblance is remarkable in fact. I mean a bad-boy who is more than he seems who constantly says he’s bad for the girl and yet can’t keep away, even going to far to show up unexpectedly in her yard at night underneath her window. Then there’s the girl. She sees nothing wrong with this behavior and instead seems to encourage it. That’s not to mention the woods as a main setting and someone out to get the poor girl who must be protected.

I may be too harsh and exaggerating a bit, but it’s still way too similar for my taste. With that said, I still want you guys to read it for yourself (maybe get it from your local library though). Some reviewers out there disagree with me and I want to hear your opinions of the book.



Photo Credit –> Touched cover


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