Not Reading

Hey Fellow Book-Lovers,

So you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything since the end of May. I’m sorry for that, I truly am. I haven’t been reading lately, so I haven’t been posting. I know I could have at least kept up with upcoming releases and book to movie news, but I haven’t.

For some unknown reason, I have had no desire to have anything to do with books. It’s as if I’ve lost my drive and passion for them or as if I’ve burned myself out in regards to them, and that scares me. Books have been the one constant in my life (as cheesy as that sounds) and having no desire to have anything to do with them is terrifying.

I honestly don’t know what to do. I’ve tried to read books that I was anxious to read before, and I get/feel nothing from doing so, sometimes going so far as to stop reading them altogether (which never happens). I’ve also tried taking a break from them completely, thinking that stress or work, school, and personal issues finally got to me and all I needed to do was chill for a bit before my itch to read came back. Neither have worked.

So now I’m turning to you. Have you ever experienced this? And if so, how did you get past it/overcome it?


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