The Host: Book vs. Movie

Hey Fellow Book-Lovers,

So, tonight, I went and saw the movie The Host and I thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be a cool idea to compare the movie to the book?” And  before you say anything, yes, I know the movie rarely lives up to the book, but I have to tell you, this was actually pretty well done. Oh, and just so you’re forewarned, I won’t be really providing a description here of what it’s about like I usually do, but I will provide a link to one. First up, the book.

The_Host I have to tell you, at first, I was really wary of reading this book. I mean, I admit that I read Stephenie Meyer‘s Twilight saga, but honestly, I was not impressed (yet I read all of them trying to see what all the fuss was about). So when I heard that she has written another book,this time a sci-fi book, I planned on avoiding it, especially when it became popular like her other books had been.

Eventually I did give into peer pressure (or I wouldn’t be writing this) and I’m glad I did. Yes, the book did have some of the cheesy lines that any guy I know would not be caught dead uttering, situations where you’re thinking to yourself “yeah right” or “what the hell” (and not in a good, twisted plot kind of way), and of course Meyer’s ever-present love triangle was in full effect, but I still liked it. The concept was awesome and unique (or at least I think so), the character’s seemed real, with both flaws and strengths that make humans, well, human. It was written really well, and drew you into the world that Meyer’s had created, while at the same time creating vivid scenes and pictures for you.

So it was with some trepidation, that I went and saw the movie tonight. I was seriously worried that they (the producers, actors, whoever) would ruin or not be able to fully express all that the book had to offer and all that I loved about it.


Overall though, that didn’t happen and they did a good job of portraying all the main parts of the book that made it so good. Now, I’m not saying the movie is as good as the book. Of course it’s not. It is still good though.

Yes, I wish that they had tried to show us the different worlds that Wanderer (or Wanda as you may prefer) lived on in the past, but it wasn’t necessary to get the storyline across (it just would’ve been wicked to see). I also wanted to see more of the initial tension and suspicion that was so prominent in the book when Wanderer first came to be with the humans, as well as how that was gradually overcome. It’s hinted at in the movie, but once again, not a main focus of it.

The main thing that makes me think they did a good job with the movie is how the showed the interactions, conversations, and evolution of the relationship between Mel and Wanderer. I felt that this was really well done, and what made the movie.

I’ll leave you with that last opinion, but I’d love for you to go and see the movie yourself and tell me how the it lived up to your expectations.


Photo Credit —> The Host book cover The Host movie poster


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