Review: Onyx

Hey Fellow Book-Lovers,

Sorry for the delay. Now as promised, here are my thoughts on Onyx.

Book: Onyx

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Series: Yes, this is book 2 of the Lux series (You can read my review of the first one, Obsidian here)

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Once again, it’s not my first time reading this book; it’s actually my second time. I re-read it in order to refresh my memory of what happened in this book before I read Opal. My reason for reading it doesn’t change my thought of the book though.

So, time for a quick review of what went down in Obsidian to refresh everyone’s memory (This means spoiler alert for those who haven’t read Obsidian). Katy moves to West ‘By God’ Virginia from Florida with her mom. Her next door neighbors are the Black twins, Dee and Daemon. Dee becomes her bff, and Daemon the hot as all get-out, but total jerkface, who she switches between hating and lusting after. To make a long story short, she finds out they’re aliens, gets chased and almost killed  by Arum (bad aliens), and is healed by Daemon. This healing somehow connects the two, causing Katy to turn down Daemon when he confesses to her because she doesn’t think what they feel is real.

So, Onyx picks up right after that. Katy seesaws between liking Daemon (not that she admits it), and thinking it’s all an after-effect of the healing. Meanwhile, Daemon, because he likes a challenge (and is man enough to admit his feelings), seriously pursues her. If that wasn’t enough, it also seems like the major healing that occurred in the last book has given Katy some of Daemon’s alien powers.

But that’s not all folks. See the DOD (that’s the Department of Defense) took notice of the major light show occurred when Katy, Dee, and Daemon fought the Arum, and have come to investigate. Also, a new arrival in town, Blake, stirs up some trouble between Daemon and Katy, creating a somewhat uneven love triangle (the connection between Katy and Daemon being a lil’  bit stronger).

OH! I almost forgot (ok, not really) it seems that Bethany’s alive! And you know what that means right? Dawson, the third Black sibling might also be alive! So of course Katy and Daemon play detective to get to the bottom of this mystery. By doing so, they not only come up against the DOD but also Daedalus, a secret, and seriously creepy and messed up, organization.

And that’s all you’re getting from me about the plot of the book. I don’t want to give too much away. Time to move on to more opinionated stuff. You might be wondering why I gave the book such a “meh” rating after giving the first one a 4.5. It isn’t the plot, or the writing style. I am still deeply intrigued by the first and still in love with the latter, so it isn’t that. Katy still has her witty comebacks, and Daemon is still smoking in that bad boy way of his, so it’s not that either. It’s because of two things mainly. In this book,  Katy becomes a little whiny (not a lot, she’s still a spunky chick). Mainly though, it’s the love triangle. I despise love triangles. Yes, it’s an uneven love triangle (I mean really? No one’s going to beat out Daemon and we all know it), but it’s still a love triangle. I usually avoid books that include them like the freakin’ Bubonic Plague, so it’s a testament to the book, and the author’s skill, that I stuck with the book and the series.

So, all in all do I recommend the book? Yes. It’s got amazing characters that you’ll fall in love with and an original plot line that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Comment below, if you feel the same way or want to share your thoughts of the book!



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